Rescue Officers Take Cat’s Litter, But Watch What She Does In Return, Unexpected!

Whenever children face some danger, their parents will step up for them. It is not a human quality, but animals have similar instincts too.  Mothers will fight for their children to whatever end.

Here is the story of Mother Cat who fought and got her babies back. Read on!

A homeless cat gave birth to her babies on the street in a town in New Zealand.


The animal rescue team took the litter to the rescue shelter. There was no way Mother Cat was giving up on her babies. They did not anticipate a reaction from Mama Cat.


Mother Cat vowed to protect her babies. The next day, she kept lurking around the shelter.  She was determined to get her babies. The officers from the shelter hoped she would give up, but there were in for a surprise.


The officers from the rescue shelter had no option but to oblige. Mother Cat appeared relaxed and overjoyed to reunite with her litter.


The kittens are lucky to have such a caring mother who loves them.

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