Need A Cute Moment To Make Your Day? These Baby Goats Have Everything To Do It!

If you have experienced a stampede before, then you know how serious things can be. But have ever known we can also have a cute stampede? That is what Hope Hall from Sunflower Farms are trying to let us know in the clip below. In the clip, we meet 44 goat kids that keep on running after their human friends.

As revealed by Hall, there are times when the goats lead the way – mostly when they are on their way back. It is an experience he has come to love since their little feet’s pitter-pat offers a cute moment.

But there is a strange goat in the middle of the pack – it is called Midas. It loves the camera and normally volunteers for a photo. Hall revealed that great families are provided with the opportunity of buying the goat kids in pairs. At the same time there are those who end as milking goats and others as pets.

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