Ever Seen Donkeys Mourn? It Happened Here When Their Friend Died!

If you are one of the people who think that animals do not have feelings, then you should know it is terribly wrong. Just like it is with human beings, these animals can feel pain and love. Just because they do not have words or a way of expressing themselves, does not mean their feelings are invalid. If it’s hard for you to believe me, then you should watch the video below.

The video you are about to watch shows a touching moment at the farm. A donkey had just died and buried in the middle of the farm. Even though the owners of the farm were overwhelmed, it was not as much as the donkeys. They appeared to be without hope; they could not stop crying. As if they were human beings, these donkeys gathered around their dead brother with others even trying to wake him up.

What more do you want to see for you to prove that animals have feelings? This video clip is enough evidence that they can feel pain when they lose their loved ones.

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